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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The truth behind the scene of food preparation

Yo wazzup dudes and hotty chicks


I know its a bit awkward here when Im trying to speaking London. I dont care what disaster gonna happen on my writings..hahaha

What I want  to share to all of you readers is the reality behind of the food preparation from the cafe and restaurant

The hygienes of the food is not guaranteed by the exclusivness of the place where the foods been prepared

Link 1
Link 2

The discusting,  super worst, unhygieness food preparation can be happen  anywhere  whether  in the food stall, in the restaurant or even in the 5 star hotels.

its not the 'well known brand' that saves you BUT the ATTITUDE of the OWNER and the WORKER

Some examples...

BAD OWNER restaurant attitude....Profit is more important than hygiene
BAD WORKER restaurant attitude.....faster food serves is more important than hygiene..

I used to be a restaurants worker and involved in most of kitchens operation. The chicken meat and vegetables was  not properly washed, dirty knifes, horrible kitchen sink, exposed sugar and spices and many more.

At first I was a bit shock to see by my own damn sexy eyes the reality of horrible hell condition of the kitchen  restaurant. My heart was broken and I cried loudly.

Ok I lied, actually no crying scenes on that time. ha ha ha..

I tried my best to handle the task as a Cooker assistant to keep the hyginess of the work place and environment. But as a new worker its hard to restructure the old system and habits, but at least I have done my part.

As a normal handsome homo sapiens, I feel responsible to serve the best food condition for other human.

Thats why I feel a bit sceptical when I come to a new restaurant. Before I eat the foods, silently with unsuspicious movement (like a shadow ninja)  I will do an investigation to check whether the food preparation is clean or not.

I suggest for 'OPEN KITHCEN' concept to be applied in our culture...Its awesome man

Beware of what you eat dude

Sorry for the grammatical and drammatical error..he he he



Hana Soffelia said...

tenet sgt lemb. So nk bg conclusion je.. masak sendiri gak confirm bersih. :-p

rozeeta rashid said...

serious geli tengok. tapi director diorang ada keluarkan statement mintak maaf kan. sempoi jugak konsep open kitchen tu. customer tak la rasa waswas sebab boleh nampak proses penyediaan makanan tu.

Titisan Hujan said...

hrni beli nasi
tp hati tak ikhlas nak mkn sbb xsuka pd tkg msk(gatal)

i like piza not kepsi.ehehehe

HEROICzero said...

orang yang pernah bekerja kedai makan je tahu apa yang jadi sebenar nya di dapur .

aite , dude ? =)

Lea Isnawi said...

msk sendiri lagi selamat


ParkAir said...

Jangan pegi time kfc nk ttup, makan kfc kasut la jawabnya..

Finaz Jaafar said...

aiyoooo geli la bila baca cerita macam ni..huwaaaaa nanti nak makan asek teringat ! hahaha

Hansyirah Takezur said...

alaheii... xleh nak tengok vdeo tu.. maleh nak kopi link... video error occured... =.=''

PinQib said...

tsk... ak totap jgk makan kfc... sedap lagi ape.. =p

RepublicAku said...

belasah je la...